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Take a outing in the countryside, meiyang will bring you a cool


With the end of the college entrance examination, every […]

With the end of the college entrance examination, every university has begun to step into the summer vacation. Have you figured out where to take your children this summer vacation? Are you still engaged in fast-paced life and work? Also let the child bury in the heavy study? Dai Sheng, a scholar of the Western Han Dynasty, wrote in the book of rites · miscellany: "Zhang is not relaxed, so is the culture and martial arts; relaxation is not Zhang, so is the culture and martial arts. It means that no matter what we do, we should pay attention to relaxation and combine work with rest.". After a busy semester, parents should let their children have a proper time to play. Of course, they can't let their children only have one person to play with electronic products at home in addition to study during their holidays. Therefore, parents can take their children for a walk outside the suburbs. Think about it. In the beautiful countryside, there is no noise of the city. There are only fresh air, warm wind, lush grass, and some food prepared by ourselves under the beautiful umbrella. It's not a different taste to chat with children!


Sunshade is a must for rural tourism. How to maintain the sunshade correctly?

1. Choose the sunshade correctly: (1) when choosing the umbrella surface, the umbrella with obviously sparse fabric is generally poor in UV resistance, so consumers should purchase it carefully; (2) when purchasing the sunshade, the umbrella surface should be large rather than small due to the shrinkage of the fabric; (3) the color of the fabric is related to the UV protection performance, and under the same conditions, the deeper the color of the fabric, the UV resistance is linear Can be better, in contrast, black, Navy, dark green light blue, light pink, light yellow and other UV resistance performance is better.

2. Clean the sunshade correctly: (1) because the fabric used to make the sunshade is relatively fine and contains some small particles, the best washing method is to wash it with clear water. The sunshade cannot be brushed with a brush. If not necessary, do not clean the umbrella. If you have to clean it, you'd better wash the umbrella surface with clear water. Try not to get water on the umbrella frame to avoid rusting. (II) sunshade cleaning solution white vinegar and detergent (excluding alkali). Prepare disposable paper cup, pour detergent into disposable paper cup, detergent as long as it does not pass the bottom of the paper cup. Next is white vinegar. Pour half of it into the glass. Remember it's half a cup, and the other half needs 40 degrees of warm water to fill it. Pour 40 ℃ warm water into the cup. Warm water serves for white vinegar and detergent. Only with warm water can they fully integrate and become more powerful. Make up the detergent. We can dip it in the detergent and brush the sunshade. We also need to remind you that when you brush, you should brush along the longitudinal direction of the umbrella frame, and the direction should be consistent. You can't brush vertically or horizontally at one time. That would destroy the sunscreen of the umbrella. In addition, we choose detergent without alkali, because such detergent can not only wash off the stains on the umbrella, but also won't hurt the sunscreen layer of the umbrella. White vinegar, which can keep the original luster of the umbrella fabric, plus 40 degree warm water mixed with detergent and white vinegar, has no effect on decontamination. After washing the surface of the umbrella, we need to wash it with water. (3) remember to wash thoroughly, or the surface will leave traces of detergent after the umbrella is dried, which is very ugly. Next, dry the umbrella in the shade. By contrast, the effect is obvious. Of course, our method is not omnipotent. If your umbrella surface is a fluorescent layer, this method will damage the fluorescent layer on the umbrella surface, thus affecting the sunscreen ability of the umbrella.

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